Learning 664

The only  limits  on  your  life  are  those  that  you set  yourself.  When  you dare  to  get  out  of  your  circle  of  comfort  and  explore  the  unknown, you  start  to  liberate  your  true  human  potential.  This  is  the  first step  towards  self-mastery  and  mastery  over  every  other circumstance  in  your  life.  

When  you  push  beyond  your  limits, you  unlock  mental  and physical  reserves  that  you  never  thought  you  had.

The  average  person  uses  only  a  minute  measure of  his  human  capacity.  I  wondered  what  we  could  do  if  we  started using  the  remaining  reservoir  of  our  abilities. 

Even when we are exhausted after working on something, and we get a little motivation or a will to finish the task, we get that energy to perform and get the results. We have more  inside  us and  when  we reach for  our  resources, we receive more.  

We  practice  the  art  of  kaizen  by  pushing  ourselves daily. Work  hard  to  improve  your  mind  and  body.  Nourish  your  spirit. Do  the  things  you  fear.  Start  to  live  with  unbridled  energy  and limitless  enthusiasm.  Watch  the  sun  rise.  Dance  in  a  rain  shower. Be  the  person  you  dream  of  being.  Do  the  things  you  have  always wanted  to  do  but  didn’t  because  you  tricked  yourself  into believing  that  you  were  too  young,  too  old,  too  rich  or  too  poor. Prepare  to  live  a  soaring,  fully  alive  life.  It is  said  that luck  favors  the  prepared  mind.  I  believe  that  life  favors  the prepared  mind.

Identify  the  things that  are  holding  you  back. Are  you  scared  of  speaking  or  do  you have trouble  in  your  relationships?  Do  you  lack  a positive  attitude or  do  you  need  more energy? Make  a  written  inventory  of  your weaknesses. Satisfied  people  are  far  more  thoughtful  than others. Take  the  time  to  reflect  on  what  it  is that  might  be  keeping  you from  the  life  you really  want  and  know  deep  down  you  can have. 

Once  you  have  identified  what  your weaknesses  are,  the  next  step is  to  face  them head  on  and  attack  your  fears.  If  you  fear public speaking,  sign  up  to  give  twenty speeches.  If  you  fear  starting  a new  business or  getting  out  of  a  dissatisfying  relationship, muster every  ounce  of  your  inner  resolve  and do  it.  This  might  be  the  first taste  of  real freedom  that  you  have  experienced  in  years. 

Fear  is nothing  more  than  a  mental  monster you  have  created,  a  negative stream  of consciousness.


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