Learning 665

Ordinary occurrences can illuminate the extraordinary phenomenon of grace.

Grace is actually a rather common phenomenon. It’s the force that protects people’s physical and mental health, even in the most trying of conditions.

Perhaps grace is more than just an amazing resilience, and rather a force beyond our consciousness that nurtures our growth as human beings. We can see grace as an evolutionary force from a god who wants to ensure we don’t keep things as they are and instead feel the urge to grow.

Grace can also be found in our dreams and in instances of synchronicity and serendipity.

Synchronicity is the frequent occurrence of highly unlikely events, and, like grace, it’s hard to find an explanation for it. 

There are documented occurrences of synchronicity but there’s no logical way to explain why two people would share the same dreams or be able to transmit images.

But when events like these happen, they’re often beneficial to the people involved, making it an act of serendipity, which Webster’s Dictionary defines as “the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.”
The author experienced this himself when writing a book. Away from home at the time, he was working in his friend’s library and feeling a bit stuck with writer’s block. And though his friend’s wife was ordinarily cold and unkind to him, on this occasion she came into the room unprompted and handed him a book. Even though she had no way of knowing what he was working on, the book she presented him with was How People Change, by Allen Wheelis, and it was the perfect material to get him unstuck and continue working.
We can all be touched by grace, even in the most mundane of situations.

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