Change is the only constant and learning to learn is the top skill to master.

AI and Automation is the biggest threat to any top businesses and skills.

There has always been a talk among the critics of amazing futuristic innovations that haven’t really actualized yet.

Four C’s – critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity are the top skills which many pedagogical experts say must be taught in schools.

And how to deal with constant change in the constantly changing world is the real challenge. To survive and flourish in such a world, you will require a lot of mental flexibility and and great reserves of emotional balance.

The advice Harari, the author gives to a 15 years old is, ‘ don’t rely on the adults too much.’ Most of them mean well but they just don’t understand the world.

What should you rely on then? Technology? No. Biotechnology, Machine Learning, and AI? No. Should you rely on yourself then? If you know yourself, maybe – but most people don’t know themselves and are products of external influences because we are living in the era of hacking humans. To succeed in such a daunting task, you need to work hard on getting to know your operating system better.

Learning to learn or self learning is the most important skill you will be relying on in order to reinvent yourself and face uncertainty and unknown leading to 2040.

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