15 Powerful Messages and lessons from PM Modi from his today’s address to the nation on All India Radio

Narendra Modi speaks and the nation hears. Why? He has an urge to do something for the nation and shows his acts from his works, not only from his words. Why he is the most popular politician on social media as well as most admired leader. It’s all because of his talented qualities of a … Continue reading 15 Powerful Messages and lessons from PM Modi from his today’s address to the nation on All India Radio

L 782

REASONS WHY WE SHOULD CONSTANTLY READ BOOKS – 50 reasons to get motivation to read regularly. 1. Books help you to feel more confident. 2. Books help you to travel around the world in the cheapest way. 3. Books develop your personality. 4. Books provide food for thought. 5. Books make you laugh and think. … Continue reading L 782

Learning 721

“Meditation — sitting still and thinking nothing — has a lot of benefits, is stupidly simple and surprisingly hard. Its goal is to quieten your mind long enough so you can connect to the Source Energy and listen in on your inner guidance. It brings you into the present moment, raises your frequency, opens you … Continue reading Learning 721

Learning 703

What’s wealth and what the rich focus at? Here’s great answers by Robert Kiyosaki. “Wealth is a person’s ability to survive so many number of days forward or if I stopped working today, how long could I survive.” – R. Buckminster Fuller “The rich focus on their asset columns while everyone else focuses on their … Continue reading Learning 703

Learning 698

The greatest rewards of creativity are having a vision and then turning it into a reality.  This is a process you control completely, and it’s one that comes with tremendous satisfaction and happiness in and of itself. David Bowie repeatedly warned against doing work for “other people” and stressed the importance of remembering why you … Continue reading Learning 698

Learning 691

People often resist happiness, but controlled breathing can help us overcome this fear. No one said life would be easy, and sometimes it can really feel like an endless swamp of problems, but ask yourself this: Are you really prepared for a life of happiness? Can you even imagine an entire day without having something … Continue reading Learning 691

Learning 678

Fire and water have strong primal powers that can be used to your advantage. Humans were using fire and water in their rituals long before pen and paper were invented, and these basic elements still have a primal power to influence us and help us succeed. Water is an especially powerful source of creative power. … Continue reading Learning 678

Learning 674

Imaginative thinking can change the brain by improving performance and strengthening muscles.   we can use visualization to improve our performance of an activity. In one experiment, Pascual-Leone, a reknowned psychiatrist assembled two groups of people who had never played piano before. One group sat in front of a piano, twice a day, five days … Continue reading Learning 674

Learning 662

The Energy Bus – By Jon Gordon 10 rules for a new life.  The first rule: become the driver of your own bus and take back control. The second rule: with vision and focus, you can drive the bus in the direction you want. Law of attraction. According to this concept, all thoughts are magnetic, … Continue reading Learning 662

Learning 635

“IF IT’S ON THE CALENDER, IT HAPPENS.” – Gretchen Rubin  The strategy of scheduling is one of the most familiar and powerful strategies of habit formation. It also forces us to confront the natural limits of the day. Scheduling one activity makes that time unavailable for anything else. It makes activities automatic, which builds habits.

Learning 615

Through the ages which have passed, man has depended too much upon his physical senses, and has limited his knowledge to physical things, which he could see, touch, weigh and measure.  Perhaps we shall learn, that the “other self” is more powerful than the physical self we see when we look into the mirror. 

Learning 597

We are about to begin a new year soon. Record atleast 10 great learnings from the year that have past on to a piece of paper.   Articulate them into the goals which are most important to you as well as your daily habits and life philosophies.  It can play powerful causes that will yield wonderful … Continue reading Learning 597

Learning 595

Reading is a powerful way to gain many years of experience from a few hours of study. Develop a habit of speedy reading.  Books help you see what is already in yourself. This is what enlightenment is all about. 

Hypnotherapy for Weigh Loss

Your mind is a powerful force – it can make you believe things, crave things, do thing. Hypnosis can help you to choose and remain focused. We all know weight loss is usually best achieved with diet and exercise. “Hypnosis can help by changing people’s mindsets and help create an honest relationship with yourself through … Continue reading Hypnotherapy for Weigh Loss

Hypnotherapy – A Natural Healing Power

“Hypnotherapy – a state of focused consciousness can be the answer to the various issues that you face on a daily basis or it may be the key to eliminating that one fear that is stopping you from reaching your goals”. Hypnotherapy – a completely natural state is a therapeutic tool which is around us … Continue reading Hypnotherapy – A Natural Healing Power

25 Tricks to Successfully Work from Home while Looking after Kids

Well, working from home, while sitting in your pajama’s….it’s quiet a pleasurable job as well as for some a bit difficult one too. This new term is coined in the dictionary as “Mumpreneur.” (and their counterpats as Dadpreneur) Working at professional jobs prior to marriages or becoming a mom and later being made redundant to … Continue reading 25 Tricks to Successfully Work from Home while Looking after Kids

11 Great Questions you’re NOT asking yourself that could change your life

When Jayson Krause’s best friend died of cancer in September 2005, he realised that he had never fully gotten to know him. So he embarked on a year long project, asking 52 strangers the same 10 questions, one a week, in an attempt to challenge myths about connection and get people sharing more than just small … Continue reading 11 Great Questions you’re NOT asking yourself that could change your life

20 Things highly focused people don’t do

Successful people are those who are highly focused because focus is the key to success. They are the ones who do not deviate from their goal plans and they know what is important to them and what not. Highly focused people are not different people but they do things differently. It is this difference in … Continue reading 20 Things highly focused people don’t do

100 Life Lessons to awake our sleeping souls

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.                                                                                             – Albert Schweitzer   Enjoy the ride of your life. Remember that this is not Disney … Continue reading 100 Life Lessons to awake our sleeping souls