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Hypnotherapy – A Natural Healing Power

Hypnotherapy – a state of focused consciousness can be the answer to the various issues that you face on a daily basis or it may be the key to eliminating that one fear that is stopping you from reaching your goals.

Hypnotherapy – a completely natural state is a therapeutic tool which is around us in use for thousands of years as a healing, self-help and self-improvement modality. For thousands of years, philosophers and wise men have known that our thoughts can control our body and behaviour.

Hypnosis is not mind control. Rather, the client gains control over a part of his or her life that may have been previously out of control. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis and no one can force you.

Many people are afraid of it even today as its proper use remains a mystery to most people. We spontaneously drift into hypnosis many times during the day without even realising and we call it daydreaming. Hypnotherapist simply guides the client on purpose to help them achieve their goals. Even though the client may not “feel anything”, the suggestions given can have a very powerful & positive effect.

If one is considering to under-go hypnosis process, one has to understand it thoroughly knowing how it works and how it sometimes doesn’t work. It can provide immediate results if the process is well understood and effectively used.

What is Hypnotherapy?

It is recognised that there is no generally accepted definition of hypnosis, though considerable consensus exists at a descriptive level.
Martin T Orne, MD, PhD (1927 – 2000)

“Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the subconscious mind plays the dominant role.” The seat of our habits and the steering wheel of our behaviors lie within the subconscious mind. Everything we have ever thought, felt, tasted, smelled, seen, heard, read, or fantasized is recorded in our subconscious mind.

“Hypnosis” and “Hypnotherapy” are derived from Greek word “Hypnos” which means “Sleep.” Hypnotherapists use a hypnotic trance in order to make you relief and overcome addictions, pains, stress, or other related states of mind.

Hypnotherapy is:

  • Powerful tool for all areas of self improvement.
  • The use of hypnosis to help you move towards health and wholeness.
  • Used to help you reach goals when nothing else has helped.
  • Let go of the thoughts of the day and to focus on the issues you came in for.
  • Work together of the client and the hypnotherapist to overcome the issue at hand.
  • Safe, healthy and natural.
  • A state when you are most relaxed, or daydreaming, or open to receive suggestions.
  • A suggestion, a proposal for your subconscious to accept a new belief therefore it needs to be positive.

How it Works?

Suggestion plays a very important part in hypnosis. Hypnosis bypasses the conscious minds, allowing direct communication with the unconscious ones. People can be hypnotized to different levels depending on the requirements of their well being.

Hypnotherapy can help you in the following areas of life:

  • Self Improvement
  • Motivation
  • Reaching Goals and Succeeding
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Health Management
  • Getting into shape
  • Habits Management
  • Bedwetting in Children
  • Teeth Grinding and nail biting
  • Quit Smoking
  • Drinking and other Addiction
  • Asthma and Anxiety
  • Compulsive eating
  • Eating Disorders
  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Problems
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Psychological Issues
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Physiological Issues
  • General Confidence
  • Sexual Issues
  • Study Skills
  • Concentration and Learning skills
  • Schizophrenia
  • Past Life Regression
  • Maternity
  • Pain Management
  • Many More

Hypnotherapists may use trance to explore the root of a problem, your physical and mental health and help you change deep-seated attitudes or feelings. At the end of the session, the hypnotherapist suggests that you return to normal consciousness.

The ability to be hypnotized is generally an indication that the client has stronger visualization skills. Once you are in trance, the hypnotherapists will address your sub-conscious mind. People with arthritis may be told they can turn the pain down like the volume of a radio, or smokers that they will no longer find smoking pleasurable.

How can hypnotherapy help me?

You have within you all the resources to solve your problems.

Whatever your mind created, whether it’s fears & phobias, panic attacks, blushing, insomnia, unwanted habits, etc, your mind can take away. The question is, how do you do it?

Hypnotherapy is a guide helping you to reach your goal by activating your inner resources. Unlike many therapies, hypnotherapy concentrates on the solution and not the problem.


Benefits of Hypnosis:

Did you know that just being in a hypnotized state has extraordinary mental and physical benefits? Yes, this is a fact.


  • Help promote a deeper, healthier breathing pattern
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Relaxes the body, slow down the functions, slow heart rate, lower respiration and blood pressure levels
  • Muscles naturally relax
  • Lower chemical imbalances
  • Promote the human body’s natural healing abilities
  • Correct hormone imbalances
  • Relieves from mental fog, dizziness, irritability, chest pain, feeling numb, and many more
  • Strengths our immune systems
  • Relieve from pain and discomfort
  • Deep restful sleep
  • Feel good naturally
  • Generates a sense of power and control

Hypnosis: What it is not / Myths!

  • Sleep, unconsciousness, coma, surrender of mental powers and control, magic, an unnatural process
  • Misconception is that only people of low intellect can be hypnotised.  The fact is people of average and above intelligence make the best subjects.
  • When you are in hypnosis you will not accept any suggestion that contravenes your normal belief system. Just as you can’t get stuck in a daydream or sleep, you can’t get stuck in hypnosis.
  • Being hypnotized shows weakness and lack of control
  • It’s dangerous
  • Chance that you get stuck and unable to emerge from it.
  • I can achieve anything suggested to me
  • Result should be guaranteed
  • You will not remember anything said or done while you were hypnotized
  • One session cures the problem

What can happen is that you enjoy the wonderful feeling of relaxed body and mind that you don’t want to come out of hypnosis.  ‘I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life’, is a comment most hypnotizers receive.

Now that you have an idea of what hypnosis is and isn’t, it’s time to consider how it can help you.


Facts to be known before establishing a business setup in china

Here are some facts which must be known before establishing a business set up in China:

  • In China, the family name precedes the given name, which is occasionally followed by the second name or the western equivalent of a first name. Some Chinese will switch the order of their names when they are dealing with foreigners. In addition, married women rarely take their husband’s family name.
  • Chinese usually conduct business over lunch and dinner, and deals are often concluded over a meal. Entertaining is a critical part of Chinese business culture.
  • You have more than one option for a local presence – WOFE, Contractual Joint Venture, Equity Joint Venture, Representative Office, or a local representation by a third party.
  • Carefully define your business scope – Scope must be defined so as to be permitted and encouraged by China National Development and Reform Commission.
  • Select the right location for operations.
  • Confirm the minimum registered Capital – based on the judgement of your business scope and operation scale.
  • Integrate commercial clauses in the Articles of Association to maximize profit repatriation – The AOA is to be submitted to local government agencies for approval and filling during business license registration.
  • Fully understand employer’s responsibilities and liabilities – China issued the new Law of Labour in 2007 which specifies issues on employment contract, redundancy, etc. You also need to be aware of the mandatory employee welfare and benefits so as to include such costs in the budget.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence and credit check on your joint venture partners – Your partners may not be what they claim to be. Chinese have a business culture to show their wealth and status and look financially viable but live on bank loans and personal debts.
  • Develop a comprehensive local employee management system – A sound and robust employee management system will encourage the engagement and commitment of local staff and avoid potential risks.
  • Never give a Chinese person a clock as a gift. It denotes to attend someone’s funeral.
  • Business cards printed in both Chinese and English should be presented and received with respect in accordance with Chinese custom at all business occasions.
  • Courtesy and good manners are appreciated by the Chinese and are fundamental in any business discussions and negotiations. Patience is great asset in dealing with these people.
  • Make friends first, do business later – You may have to take several trips before getting the contracts signed.
  • Don’t take their saying “YES” literally to mean affirmative – They have a habit to say yes to show that they are paying attention to you. In such a context, the word “yes” does not mean that they agree with what you say or that they agree with your terms.
  • Superstitions and Numbers: The number 4 rhymes with ‘death’ or ‘failure,’ number 14 rhymes with ‘sure to fail’, ‘sure to die’, so avoid these numbers. The number 3 rhymes with ‘growth’ and welcomed to business people, and number 8 rhymes with ‘prosperity.’ Number 168 reads in Chinese to sound like ‘forever prosperous’ a definite crowd pleaser.
  • Food and beverages, Travel and transport, IT and telecommunications, Minerals and energy, Environmental protection, Building construction products and services are few of the major industry sector currently experiencing rapid growth.
  • According to the Chinese Company Law, every business entity must deposit a certain amount of money equivalent to its registered capital reported to the registration authority into a specified bank account. This capital injection has to be audited by a certified public accountant and the money in this account can only be used for the company’s business activities.
  • The minimum amount of registered capital required for a JV or a WFOE starts from USD100,000 while for companies in some specific industries, this minimum registered capital requirement can be much higher.
  • Do your “due diligence,” well.
  • Check the reliability of the data on your partner or customer from independent sources.
  • Be careful, you can lose a lot of money if you make a great deal with the wrong partner.
  • In addition to creating proforma balance sheets, spend some time at the beginning of a project to create scenarios of what you will do if things go wrong. Try to anticipate possible problem areas. If you can’t find any, hire somebody who knows well about the potential problems to help you.
  • Create a strategy to deal with potential problems. Have an escape strategy for each stage of your project, even though you do not plan to use it.
  • Chinese have a high regard for rank and seniority. The Chinese will be impressed by and are usually more attentive to senior representatives of foreign firms. Ranking your company can help to impress the Chinese, especially if you are the biggest or the oldest.
  • If you are dealing directly with a customer in China, make sure you receive cash for full payment first or use a letter of credit (L/C) to receive payment.
  • Be careful – as Chinese insist that your senior executive travel to China immediately to sign the contract with them in person and request money prior to the trip to pay for a reception in your honour, and/or, once in China, they request money or goods to “grease the wheels” with local officials.

– They insist to pay you later

– Their telephone numbers are always busy or never answered during business hours.

– They have no English speaking staff although they claim they have been in the import/export business for years.

In today’s connected world, where customers research purchases online and seek recommendations from friends and family, it is in the best interest of most small businesses to have a vibrant and interactive social media presence.

What other points do you have to add to the list? Please leave your viewpoints in the comments.

Skincare – Some tricks, natural therapies and hidden talents

To keep your-self looking youthful, proactive skin care is essential. If you don’t have enough time, just pamper yourself with the basics. It all accompanies with a healthy lifestyle choice.

In an interview with Huffington Post published on 15/10/2014 90s adored Katie Holmes believes that “using good products really do make a difference” in long term skincare maintenance. She also says that the key to being beautiful starts from within. Women today are really making a difference in the world, but they are juggling a lot. They have to take time to be grateful for the things in their life, to celebrate the people in their life that they really love and drink a lot of water.

The skin type is determined by how much or how little oil your skin produces. How you care for your skin depends on the type of skin you have: oily, combination (normal), dry, sensitive, or sun damaged.

Here are some basic skincare steps:

Step 1: Treat your skin gently

  • Limit bath time – Use warm instead of hot or cold water.
  • Avoid strong soaps or bar soaps – They tend to dry your skin. Choose mild cleansers.
  • Shave carefully – Shave in the direction the hair grows, not against. Use a shaving gel, lotion or cream and use a clean sharp razor.
  • Pat Dry – After washing or bathing, gently pat dry so that some moisture remains on your skin.
  • Moisturize dry skin – For day use, consider one which contains SPF and for night it must not.
  • Understand the risks and benefits of tattoos and piercing – including the latest tattoo removing techniques.
  • Consider whether laser hair removal is right for you.

Step 2: Cleansing

  • Use natural or organic cleansers – You can cleanse your skin by milk or yogurt.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water – It removes all the excess oil clotted on your face from you night moisturizer. Don’t use hot or cold water as both can cause broken capillaries.
  • Don’t cleanse your skin too often – Whenever you apply makeup or sunscreen, make sure you remove by washing your face well at night else it can clog your pores.
  • For dry skin – If you have a dry skin as dry as the Sahara Dessert just , simply apply cold cream and wipe off, even no water is needed. Exfoliate on a weekly basis. If you are washing your face with water use warm water so that your skin looses dirt and clogged pores.
  • Remove your eye makeup with a proper makeup remover. Don’t pull or rub too hard as the area around your eye is very delicate. Olive oil works as a best natural eye makeup remover.

Step 3: Exfoliate

  • Exfoliation is essential – but most people skip in their weekly skincare routine. One of the reason men’s skin looks more youthful than women’s is because men tend to exfoliate daily during shaving. See How to Exfoliate

Some commonly used exfoliations are:

  • A facial Scrub – Buy a good one from the market or try some home-made recipies.
  • A Washcloth – Put a dab of cleanser and a sprinkle of white refined sugar on a damp washcloth and massage skin in a circular motion. After a quick rinse, any sign of dead skin is erased. If you have dry skin, try extra virgin coconut oil.
  • Microdermabrasion – You can buy the kits. See list of the best facial scrubs and microdermabrasion kits.
  • Chemical peels – Its gentle enough to use some of the counter peels that work over the course of a month.

“A recipe for a DIY Pore Stripping Mask which uses only plain gelatin and a little milk. Mix them up, heat it for about 10 seconds in the microwave and apply. Once it has dried you peel it off, and everything comes out of your pores as well. Genius!”
– Christine, 15 Minute Beauty

  • Retinoids – Retinoids also work by removing the top layer of dead skin cells while also generating collagen in the skin. “Collagen is the skin’s structural fiber,” dermatologist Dennis Gross said in O Magazine. “As we get older, it breaks down, creating lines and large pores. Most of the skincare experts consider Retinoids to be a miracle skin saver.

Step 4: Moisturize

  • How much one should moisturize depends on the skin type. If you have a dry skin, you should invest in a basic moisturizer. When your skin is tight, it’s craving out for moisturizer. Over moisturizing will clog pores, so be careful.
  • Natural girls can use extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil.
  • Some beauty experts strongly recommend eye creams as skin near the eye contains no fatty tissues and is very thin and susceptible to wrinkles but others say your daily lotion or cream works well.

Step 5: Protect yourself from the sun

  • “Creams and serums are terrific, but the best way to prevent Crow’s Feet is to wear large, fashionable sunglasses as often as possible! The frames not only look glamorous, but actually block the sun from toasting you delicate under-eye area. Be sure they offer UV protection!”
    – Jennifer, Raging Rouge
  • Applying sunscreen with a SPF of atleast 15 is essential from your early years as the #1 cause of wrinkles is sun damage. Reapply sunscreen if you are outdoors. Pat it and don’t rub. Avoid the sun between 10 Am to 4 AM when it is on its peak.

Step 6: Don’t Smoke

  • Smoking contributes to wrinkles and makes your skin look older. It also damages collagen and elastin – the fibers that strengthen and gives your skin elasticity.

Step 7: Eat a healthy diet

  • Drink lots and lots of water to keep your skin look younger.
  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Research suggests that a diet rich in vitamin C and low in unhealthy fats and processed or refined carbohydrates might keep your skin looking younger.

Step 8: Manage stress

  • Managing stress keeps you in a healthy state of mind and also encourages a healthy skin.
  • To avoid stress set reasonable limits, scale back your To Do List and carve out time to do things you love.

Do you have other some other tips and tricks? Feel free to leave in the comment box below.

20 things highly focussed people don’t do

Please read the article published at the following link:

25 Tricks to Successfully Work from Home while Looking after Kids

Well, working from home, while sitting in your pajama’s….it’s quiet a pleasurable job as well as for some a bit difficult one too. This new term is coined in the dictionary as “Mumpreneur.” (and their counterpats as Dadpreneur)

Working at professional jobs prior to marriages or becoming a mom and later being made redundant to stay at home is at times a killing frustration to many women. Yet to many women, it’s not a choice. Everyone has three kinds of life, a social, a personal as well as a secret life. Women too have their personal lives and dreams, which they ought to fulfill. Some get support from husband and family and gain their professional jobs back but for others things fall bit apart. But anyhow they don’t need to shatter their dreams and die out of frustration. The thing is some of them have to change their professions but some can regain into the same professions depending on the work they choose and love to do.

They can have better options in the best environment, i.e. working in their pajamas from their home as well as looking after their kids. But here’ a little drawback as Lisa Kanarek, founder of working says, “when you start working from home, you’re stripped of any support you may have had in your corporate job, including an administrative assistant, technical staff and co-workers to help you brainstorm. In other words, you’re left naked.”

With the integration of technology and innovation into our work and home lives, there are so many possible combinations of working environment for Moms (and Dads too.) Working from home gives you a lot of comfort and you can take care of your kids as well. As it is the mother who can nurture a child in the best way and no other one can. Leaving your child in a child care or with a nanny is far more unsafe and risky when we hear and read so many improper caring activities in news today. One can manage her home responsibilities as well as can work in the best time suited to her and that too in the comfort of her pajamas.

For some people it can be difficult to work from home but for me it’s the easiest and the pleasurable task I can have being a mom. You just have to develop certain habits and follow certain tricks. You have to make your habits so easy that you can’t say no. When people ask, “do you work somewhere? And what you do whole day at home”, it’s quiet annoying, but if you work from home you have a double dip, you can possibly say yes I work and working at home with all comforts and looking after your kids.
Make a different mindset if you are really passionate to work. It’s the mindset to work which gives you energy and enthusiasm to work and never makes you tired. It’s only the lazy mindset of not to work which keeps making excuses and stops you to work and create hindrance.

Working from home has some prons and cons as any other things can have. While working from home you can save lot of time you spend while commuting, you can look after your kids, you don’t have to work 9 to 5 ignoring all other duties, you save on commuting costs, etc. On the other hand you have many distractions too while being at home, may be from the family members or your kids, or someone visiting your home or may be phone calls and sometimes you yourself being lazy.

For moms it’s a bit difficult to wake up and start your work early morning as they are responsible for many works before they can just peep out for their personal preferences. They had to prepare breakfast, make get ready preparations for husbands, make kids ready for schools and feed them at intervals if they are infants or toddlers before they can think to work for themselves. But if you have a mindset to work, no one can stop you, but for that you have to follow certain habits and tricks.

Here are few of them:

1. Early rising: Early rising gives you the extra time which everyone is not provided for, it’s always a choice. When the world is calm and peaceful and your mind is clear, your mind produces more creative thoughts and you can work more productively and produce results. With The 7 Minute Life you can take small steps every day, that translate into big life changes, says Allyson Lewis, the founder of Waking 7 minutes earlier each day can give you time to plan your day and provide you extra time than others. Even the successful people like Richard Branson, President Obama and the PM Narendra Modi have the same time which you have, they only manage their activities well within those given hours.

2. Some exercise and meditation: Keep yourself healthy, drink lots of water and take out time for some exercise, walk and meditation as you remain in your home, so go out and inhale some fresh air.

3. Follow 5 before 11: This deceptively simple practice of achieving 5 high value tasks everyday before 11 a.m. is incredibly powerful. In fact, this one practice alone can easily double your productivity.

4. Preparing well in advance: Plan your day a night before. For moms plan for the breakfast a night before.

5. Be a learner: Keep learning from the other work at home workers and keep looking what works for them and how can it work for you. Some tasks are to be multitasked and some to be prioritized in order to produce more in less time. Keep the thinking process on the go.

6. Organizing wardrobes: So that you don’t waste time choosing your apparels and accessories, however being at home you don’t need to care much on this area.

7. Organize things: There should be a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place – so that the things are found in case of requirements and you don’t waste time finding them.

8. Develop habits: Make certain habits to sit for work that you can’t say no – like taking a cup of coffee or tea after lunch and sitting at your workplace in a mood to work.

9. Be prepared for some mishaps: Sometimes multitasking – Co-working with kids is sometimes fun and sometimes distractions, be prepared to be interrupted and sometimes your work to be spoiled. Make your infants and toddlers so comfortable that they play well and don’t panic, cry and interrupt or arrange a baby sitter. However, toddlers can help you a lot by their mini acts.

10. Prioritize and focus on your goals and activities: Make it work. Be focused and finish one task at a time before you leap on another one. There are people who start one task and then bounce to another one almost completing around 95% to 98% of the previous one in order to get perfect. There is nothing perfect as such. I was the perfect example of that. Finally, I made myself focused and now can achieve the results. Some days I’m more productive than others, but overall I’m more productive than I used to be.

11. Schedule your work time: Set office hours and make your naptime your work-time. Schedule your work around your child’s nap time or another caretaker’s schedule, so that you can work uninterrupted.

12. Don’t plan to work all day: Carve out some time to be just mom of your kid – Go for a walk or visit your kids friend or take your kid out to a park or a play zone as kids play and learn with the kids more than with elders. Mother is the only best teacher for a kid, so just cherish your days with your kid.

13. Just enjoy what you do: Live in present and enjoy what you do, don’t panic and get frustrated if you can’t work enjoy being a mom as your kid is not going to remain the kid forever and this time in not going to come back again, cherish it with your kids.

14. Make time to relax too and take out a little time for yourself: If you are working all the time, you are actually not working. Make time for yourself, take out some time to relax and stretch, which will help you both physically and mentally, think about the progress of your work, think and plan about the next actions, make yourself cool and take proper naps as required by the biological needs of your body.

15. Neither all fingers are equal nor are all days: You just have to face certain days that you can’t even sit for small time to work, let it be. Commonly weekends for when some friends are visiting your home, you hardly find time to work. Just enjoy whatever comes your way. Just enjoy that time with your family. Give your best and enjoy the rest. Don’t run after your work. Make it as free just as your hobby. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned and you can hardly sit for some work only after the bedtime.

16. Managing Distractions: One winning strategy is simply to accept that you’ll never be 100 percent productive. That makes it easier to be in control of your “mind-wandering” time at work, and keep it under control. Never underestimate the gravitational pull of a kitchen or a comfy bed. Create a difference between your work area and the living area, if there are other members at home – or when the kids are little grown up. You need to make a difference between your work area without any disturbances from kids and other family members during work hours. Having pre-planned schedules for snacks, children’s activities etc, can help minimize distractions although it’s up to you to stay focused.

17. Delegate all that you can: Delegating things to assistants can drastically improve your productivity. Sourcing care for your children by employing a babysitter for just few hours can provide you time to work and be productive.

18. Be flexible and Organized: You must be flexible according to the changing needs of your child. Make your working hours most productive by prioritizing your work. Make a “To do list” and work accordingly. Don’t indulge on e-mails and social networks or the other stuffs on the internet, or the android apps popular these days, limit your time for these activities and don’t keep looking for a new e-mail for the number of times if you wish to successfully work from home.

19. Set achievable goals: Don’t make unrealistic goals. By getting a little success don’t overstress your work and don’t expect yourself to work to the extreme limits. Keep your workload to a sustainable level and set realistic deadlines.

20. Stay focused: Whenever you feel low, or lack motivation, just think why you ever started, and it will automatically boost your morale. By not getting success for a little long time, don’t be disappointed, relax and have an introspection where you lacked and what steps you can take to improve and get over to succeed.

21. Be laptop savvy: Since the majority of your work will be done on your laptop, you will need to be laptop savvy. You should know everything from learning how to use different software, to updating programs, and keeping your laptop running smoothly. A broken down system or internet connection equals no work getting done, therefore you need to be able to navigate your way around tech issues and concerns. Make sure you have all the equipment you need to run your business, including a fast computer, a scanner, printer, copier and fax, and a reliable backup system, for starters.

22. Brush up your communication skills: As most of the time you will be working through e-mails and messages you need to be careful about your communication skills. Keep it simple and short (KISS) with only the relevant matters and make sure that you are able to convey what you mean clearly and concisely.

23. Communicate your work time with your family: Communicate with your loved ones that you are working and ask them not to call you unless it’s urgent.

24. Set up a Skype friendly environment: Make sure your workplace looks professional and pleasant. Make sure you stay connected and are readily available at times of need.

25. Maintain your network: Connecting and maintaining your network should be in your To Do List. As you stay home it is required to stay connected and leverage the benefits of networking.

It has to be a balance you have to make with your work and your family. It’s all that I can say about working from home while looking after kids. What else can you add up to the list? Feel free to leave a comment.

15 Powerful Messages and lessons from PM Modi from his today’s address to the nation on All India Radio

Narendra Modi speaks and the nation hears. Why? He has an urge to do something for the nation and shows his acts from his works, not only from his words. Why he is the most popular politician on social media as well as most admired leader.

It’s all because of his talented qualities of a leader. A leader has to work with his team and he can’t work alone, if he wish to succeed. That’s the best quality of the leader and it is inherited and represented in our PM Shri Narendra Modi. One has to carry his team along and pass on the credits to the actual result delivers. A leader only motivates and inspires his team members to work and he knows good management how to make them work. All this is present in this man named Modi. He works and involves the citizens of India, the same way as Mahatma Gandhi made his “Janandolans.”

He is a man of vision and follows proper channels and management mantras to make his goals work. Here are few powerful messages from his today’s address to the nation via All India Radio:































Here are these powerful messages and lessons from this great man from today’s address. What else you learned from this great leader? Please leave your points in the comments.