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Learning 636

It’s enough to begin. 

What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but you have to take It. 

– Antonie De Saint Exupery 

Wind, Sand and Stars.


Learning 595

Reading is a powerful way to gain many years of experience from a few hours of study. Develop a habit of speedy reading. 

Books help you see what is already in yourself. This is what enlightenment is all about. 

Learning 592

A great life is nothing more than a series of great, well – lived days strung together like a necklace of pearls. 

As you live your days so you create your life. Life is nothing just a DIY project, most people realize this when they have spent half of their lives. 

Learning 580

God seems to throw himself on the side of the man who knows exactly what he wants, if he is determined to get Just That. 

Learning 578

The person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge. 

Be Silent 


1.  Be silent – in the heat of


2.  Be silent – when you don’t

     have all the facts.

3.  Be silent – when you

     haven’t verified the story.     

4.   Be silent – if your words 

     will offend a weaker 


5.  Be silent – when it is time 

     to listen.

6.  Be silent – when you are 

     tempted to make light of 

     holy things.

7.  Be silent – when you are 

     tempted to joke about 


8.  Be silent – if you would be

     ashamed of your words 


9.  Be silent – if your words 

     would convey the wrong 


10. Be silent – if the issue is 

      none of your business.

11. Be silent – when you are 

      tempted to tell an 

      outright lie.

12. Be silent – if your words 

      will damage someone 

      else’s reputation.

13. Be silent – if your words 

      will damage a friendship.

14. Be silent – when you are 

      feeling critical.

15. Be silent – if you can’t  

      say it without screaming.

16. Be silent – if your words 

      will be a poor reflection 

      of the Lord or your 

      friends and family.

17. Be silent – if you may   

       have to eat your words 


18. Be silent – if you have 

       already said it more 

       than one time.

19. Be silent – when you are 

      tempted to flatter a 

      wicked person.

20. Be silent – when you are 

      supposed to be working