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Learning 667

Read  regularly.  Reading  for  thirty  minutes  a  day  will  do wonders  for  you.  But  I  must  caution  you.  Do  not  read  just anything.  You  must  be  very  selective  about  what  you  put  into  the lush  garden  of  your  mind.  It  must  be  immensely  nourishing. Make  it  something  that  will  improve  both  you  and  the  quality  of your  life.

 I  would  never  tell  you  not  to read  as  many  books  as  you  can.  But  remember,  some  books  are meant  to  be  tasted,  some  books  are  meant  to  be  chewed  and, finally,  some  books  are  meant  to  be  swallowed  whole.  Which brings  me  to  another  point.

Thirty  minutes  a  day  will  make  a  delightful  difference  in  your life  because  you  will  quickly  start  to  see  the  vast  reserves  of knowledge  available  for  your  use.  Every  answer  to  every  problem you  have  ever  faced  is  in  print.  If  you  want  to  be  a  better  lawyer, father,  friend  or  lover,  there  are  books  out  there  that  will  rocket  you to  those  goals.  All  the  mistakes  you  will  ever  make  in  your  life  have already  been  made  by  those  that  have  walked  before  you.  Do  you really  think  that  the  challenges  you  are  facing  are  unique  to  you?

All  the  problems  anyone  has  ever,  and  will  ever  face  over  the course  of  their  lifetime  have  already  been  made. More  importantly,  the  answers  and  solutions  are  all  recorded  on the  pages  of  books.  Read  the  right  books.  Learn  how  those  who have  preceded  you  have  handled  the  challenges  you  are  currently facing.  Apply  their  strategies  for  success  and  you  will  be astonished  by  the  improvements  you  will  note  in  your  life.

It’s  not  what  you  will  get  out  of  the  books  that  is  so  enriching — it  is  what  the  books  will  get  out  of  you  that  will  ultimately change  your  life.  You  see, books  do  not  actually  teach  you anything new.

Really.  Books  simply  help  you  to  see  what  is  already  within your  self.  That’s  what  enlightenment  is  all  about. 


Learning 660

When you have  cultivated  a  deep  sense  of  faith  in  your  abilities  and an  indomitable  spirit,  nothing  can  stop  you  from  succeeding  in  all your  pursuits  and  living  with  great  rewards.  

Taking  the  time  to master  your  mind,  to  care  for  the  body  and  to  nourish  your  soul will  put  you  in  a  position  to  develop  more  richness  and  vitality  in your  life.  It  is  as  Epictetus  said  so  many  years  ago:  ‘No  man  is  free who  is  not  a  master  of  himself.’

“Kaizen”  is  actually  a  very  practical  concept. Very.  Think  about  it.  How  could  a  person  possibly  lead a  corporation  if  he  cannot  even  lead  himself?  How  could  you nurture  a  family  if  you  haven’t  learned  to  nurture  and  care  for yourself?  How  could  you  possibly  do  good  if  you  don’t  even  feel good?  Do  you get  the point?” 

We need to think far  more  than  the importance  of  daily  exercise, a  healthful  diet  and  a  balanced lifestyle. Its the  importance  of  building strength  of  character,  developing  mental  toughness  and  living with courage. These  three  attributes  would  lead one  not  only  to  a  virtuous  life  but  to  a  life  filled  with  achievement, satisfaction  and  inner  peace.  Courage  was  a  quality  everyone could  cultivate  and  one  that  would  pay  huge  dividends  over  the long  run. 

What  does  courage  have  to  do  with  self-leadership  and personal  development?”  One can wonder. 

“Courage allows you to  run  your  own  race.  Courage  allows  you to  do  whatever  you  want  to  do  because  you  know  that  it  is  right. Courage  gives  you  the  self-control  to  persist  where  others  have failed.”

Ultimately,  the  degree  of  courage  you  live  with  determines the  amount  of  fulfillment  you  receive.  It  allows  you  to  truly  realize all  the  exquisite  wonders  of  the  epic  that  is  your  life.  And  those who  master  themselves  have  an  abundance  of  courage.

Learning 653

The  Chinese  character  for ‘crisis’  is  comprised  of  two  sub-characters:  one  that  spells  ‘danger’ and  another  that  spells  ‘opportunity.’  I  guess  that  even  the  ancient Chinese  knew  that  there  is  a  bright  side  to  the  darkest circumstance  —  if  you  have  the  courage  to  look  for  it.

There  are  no  mistakes  in  life, only lessons.  There  is  no  such  thing  as  a  negative  experience,  only opportunities  to  grow,  learn  and  advance  along  the  road  of  selfmastery.  From  struggle  comes  strength.  Even  pain  can  be  a wonderful  teacher.

Absolutely.  To  transcend  pain,  you  must  first  experience  it.  Or to  put  it  another  way,  how  can  you  really  know  the  joy  of  being  on the  summit  of  the  mountain  unless  you  have  first  visited  the  lowest valley.  

“To  savor  the  good  one  must  know  the  bad?” 

Learning 652

I never found the companion that was so companiable as solitude. – Heney David Thoreau

 The biggest lesson is “What the soul needs doesn’t cost a dime.”

Instead, a good rule of thumb to live by is to cultivate simplicity. Sell what you don’t need, as this is sure to help you nurture your intellect.

Be ambitious and move with confidence toward your dreams.

Don’t assume your dreams are out of reach just because they might seem too ambitious or uncommon to someone else. 

Progress is made by those with ambitious ideas, so shoot for the stars and get to work on building the foundation that will allow you to turn that dream into a reality. Once you reach that goal, you’ll find the success is even better than you imagined.

Learning 650

Stop  judging  events  as  either positive  or negative.  Rather,  simply  experience  them, celebrate them  and  learn  from  them.  

Every  event  offers  you  lessons.  These little lessons  fuel  your  inner  and  outer  growth. Without  them,  you would  be  stuck  on  a plateau. 

Just  think  about  it  in  your  own  life. Most people  have  grown  the  most  from  their  most challenging experiences.  

If  you  meet  with  an  outcome  you  did  not expect and  feel  a  little  disappointed, remember  that  the  laws  of  nature always ensure  that  when  one  door  closes  another opens.

Once  you  consistently  apply  this  principle  to your  daily  life  and start  to  condition  your mind  to  translate  every  event  into  a positive, empowering  one,  you  will  banish  worry forever.  You  will stop  being  a  prisoner  of your  past.  Instead,  you  will  become  the architect  of  your  future.

Learning 630

The seed is put in the ground, and earth and air and water are placed around it. Does the seed become the earth, or the air, or the water? No. It becomes a plant, it develops after the law of its own growth, assimilates the air, the earth, and the water, converts them into plant substance and grows into a plant.

Similarly each one of us must assimilate the spirit of the others and yet preserve our individuality and grow according to our own law of growth.

Learning 628

Kill the habit of worry, in all it’s forms, by reaching a general, blanket decision that nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry. 

With this decision will come poise, peace of mind and calmness of thought which will bring happiness. 

The habit of prompt and firm decision is the only known antidote for the germs “Fearenza” and “Worryitis.” 

We do not worry over conditions, once we have reached a decision to follow a definite line of action.