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Learning 689

I find there are no good and bad people in this world.

The same person can do something positive, or negative depending on the circumstances.

We are humans, we can do the kindest of deeds and the worst of crimes.

Just make sure you are in a positive space with positive people, bringing out the best in you.


Learning 688

“It didn’t feel good at the time. 

But in life what you do, if you do what is easy, life will be difficult.

But if you do what is difficult, life will be easy.”

Learning 683

A ‘time consciousness.’ You see, I learned that time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return. Those who use time wisely from an early age are rewarded with rich, productive and satisfying lives.

Those who have never been exposed to the principle that ‘time mastery is life mastery’ will never realize their enormous human potential. Time is the great leveller. Whether we are privileged or disadvantaged, whether we live in Texas or Tokyo, we all have been allotted days with only twenty-four hours. What separates those who build exceptional lives from the ‘also rans’ is the way they use this time.

Time mastery allows you more time to do the things you love to do, the things that are truly meaningful to you. Time mastery leads to life mastery. Guard time well. Remember, it’s a non-renewable resource.



Failure  is  not  having  the  courage  to  try, nothing  more  and nothing  less.  The only thing standing  between  most  people  and their dreams  is  the  fear  of  failure.  Yet  failure  is essential  to  success in  any  endeavor.  

Failure tests  us  and  allows  us  to  grow.  It offers  us lessons  and  guides  us  along  the path of  enlightenment.  

Every  arrow  that  hits  the  bull’s  eye  is  the result of  one  hundred  misses.  It  is  a fundamental  Law  of  Nature  to  profit through loss.  Never  fear  failure.  Failure  is  your friend. “Embrace  failure.”  

The  universe  favors  the  brave.  When  you resolve,  once  and for  all,  to  lift  your  life  to its highest  level,  the  strength  of  your  soul will guide  you. Everyone’s  destiny  was laid  out  for them  at  birth.  This  path  always  leads  to  a magical  place filled  with  magnificent treasures. It  was  up  to  each  individual  to develop  the courage  to  walk  this  way.


Learning 670

Study  a  baby.  She  has  no  limits.  Her  mind  is a  lush  landscape of  potential  and  possibility. Properly  cultivated,  it  will  lead  her  to greatness.  Filled  with  negativity,  it  will  lead  her  to  mediocrity,  at best.  

No  experience,  whether  it  is  public speaking  or  asking  your  boss  for  a  raise  or  swimming  in  a  sunsoaked  lake  or  walking  along  the  beach  on  a  moonlit  night,  is inherently  painful  or  pleasant.  It  is  your  thinking  that  makes  it  so.


Learning 669

Today  is  your  chance to  awaken  to  the  gift  of living  —  before  it  is  too  late.  Time  really does  slip  through  your  fingers  like  tiny grains  of  sand.  

Let  this new  day  be  the  defining  moment  of your  life,  the  day  that  you make  the  decision once  and  for  all  to  focus  on  what  is  truly important to  you.  

Make the  decision  to  spend  more  time  with those who make your  life  meaningful.  Revere the  special  moments,  revel in  their  power.  Do the  things  that  you  have  always  wanted  to do. 

Climb  that  mountain  you  have  always wanted to  climb  or  learn  to play  the  trumpet.  Dance in  the  rain  or  build  a  new  business.  Learn to love  music,  learn  a  new  language  and rekindle  the  delight  of your  childhood.  

Stop  putting  off  your  happiness  for  the  sake of achievement.  Instead,  why  not  enjoy  the process?  Revive  your spirit  and  start  tending to  your  soul.  That’s  the  way  to  Nirvana.

The  ultimate  destination  of all  truly enlightened  souls  is  a  place  called  Nirvana. 

Actually, more  than  a  place,  as it is believed Nirvana  to  be  a  state,  one that  transcended anything  they  had  known  previously.  

In Nirvana, all  things  were  possible.  There was no  suffering  and  the  dance  of life  was  played out  with  divine  perfection.  On  reaching Nirvana, one felt  that  he can step  into  Heaven on  Earth.  This  was the  ultimate  goal  in  life.  

We  are  all  here  for  some  special  reason. Meditate  on  what  your  true  calling  is,  and how  you can  give  of  yourself  to  others.  Stop being  a  prisoner  of  gravity. Today,  light  your spark  of  life  and  let  it  blaze  brightly.  Start applying  the  principles  and  strategies of enlightened living. Be all  that  you  can  be.  A time  will  come  when  you  too  will  taste  the fruits  of  that  place  called  Nirvana. 

Little  hints  will  appear  to  confirm  your entrance at the state of enlightenment. You  will start  to  notice  the  holiness  in  everything  that is  around  you:  the divinity  of  a  moonbeam, the  allure  of  a  lush  blue  sky  on  a  scorching summer  day,  the  fragrant  bloom  of  a  daisy or  the  laugh  of  a mischievous  little  child.


Learning 667

Read  regularly.  Reading  for  thirty  minutes  a  day  will  do wonders  for  you.  But  I  must  caution  you.  Do  not  read  just anything.  You  must  be  very  selective  about  what  you  put  into  the lush  garden  of  your  mind.  It  must  be  immensely  nourishing. Make  it  something  that  will  improve  both  you  and  the  quality  of your  life.

 I  would  never  tell  you  not  to read  as  many  books  as  you  can.  But  remember,  some  books  are meant  to  be  tasted,  some  books  are  meant  to  be  chewed  and, finally,  some  books  are  meant  to  be  swallowed  whole.  Which brings  me  to  another  point.

Thirty  minutes  a  day  will  make  a  delightful  difference  in  your life  because  you  will  quickly  start  to  see  the  vast  reserves  of knowledge  available  for  your  use.  Every  answer  to  every  problem you  have  ever  faced  is  in  print.  If  you  want  to  be  a  better  lawyer, father,  friend  or  lover,  there  are  books  out  there  that  will  rocket  you to  those  goals.  All  the  mistakes  you  will  ever  make  in  your  life  have already  been  made  by  those  that  have  walked  before  you.  Do  you really  think  that  the  challenges  you  are  facing  are  unique  to  you?

All  the  problems  anyone  has  ever,  and  will  ever  face  over  the course  of  their  lifetime  have  already  been  made. More  importantly,  the  answers  and  solutions  are  all  recorded  on the  pages  of  books.  Read  the  right  books.  Learn  how  those  who have  preceded  you  have  handled  the  challenges  you  are  currently facing.  Apply  their  strategies  for  success  and  you  will  be astonished  by  the  improvements  you  will  note  in  your  life.

It’s  not  what  you  will  get  out  of  the  books  that  is  so  enriching — it  is  what  the  books  will  get  out  of  you  that  will  ultimately change  your  life.  You  see, books  do  not  actually  teach  you anything new.

Really.  Books  simply  help  you  to  see  what  is  already  within your  self.  That’s  what  enlightenment  is  all  about.