Learning 469

Believe in yourself. Stop saying I wish and start saying I will. You will shortly see the difference.

Learning 468

“Instead of asking children what they want to do in future, ask them what they want to do now. Ask them their vision for a better world. Ask them what they are doing to change this world. Ask them the real life problems they are solving. This will allow you all to empower a new generation to go faster than any generation ever has.”

$1 billion city is being built in New Mexico but no one will be allowed to live there

Here’s an amazing story of the costliest city. This 15 mile stretch of New Mexico desert. area is the future location for CITE, or The Center for Innovation Testing and Evaluation. The $1 Billion project is set to begin in 2016, to be developed by Pegasus Global Holdings.

Watch full details in the Video: $1 billion ghost city to be built in New Mexico at the New Mexico dessert.

This image from Space shared by Bill Gates proves that 18% of the world’s population is deprived from Energy.

In his 2016 annual letter, Bill Gates writes there are some 1.3 billion people — or 18% of the world’s population — who don’t have energy and discusses how the world could bring sustainable electricity to those who desperately need it.

To prove his point, he shared this image of Africa at night taken from space.

Gates predicts that, within the next 15 years, the world will discover an “energy miracle.”

Read full article at Tech Insider

Learn, unlearn and relearn skills, techniques, habits and everything that is required because change is only what is constant in this world.

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