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Thinker’s Lab

What comes to your mind? Can we start a mastermind “Thinkovation” group, where thinking combines with innovation can drive us to create a “Imagym” where imagination combined with the gymnasium of our brain muscles can build “Pactomations” actions through our positive affirmations. Hope you can feel the synergy?

Thinking is lot more required than anything in this world. Mindmaps are the advanced tools of thinking. Where creativity meets imagination and do wonders. They trigger our brain to think creatively.

Bill Gates says mindmaps are the future thinking tools and mindmappers are taking our information democracy to the next level.

Your thoughts. Drop your comments if interested to CRIACT Creatively ACT with this mastermind Thinkovation group.

Learning 483

All Creativity is simply a way of improving unexisting way of doing things.

Every creativity is an improvement into the degree to which we have the ability to find ways to improve the way we do things in any area.

We are creative individuals. And the more we use our creativity like the more we use our muscle the more that we have.