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Learning 659

Most  important  principle  for  anyone  seeking to  attain  their  goals and  to  fulfill  their  life’s purpose is “you  will  never  be  able  to  hit a target  that  you  cannot  see.”

People  spend  their  whole  lives dreaming of becoming happier, living  with  more  vitality and  having an  abundance  of  passion.  

Yet  they  do  not  see  the  importance  of taking even  ten  minutes  a  month  to  write  out  their goals  and  to think  deeply  about  the  meaning  of their lives, their Dharma. Goal setting will make your life magnificent. Your world will become richer, more delightful and more magical.

Goal-setting is  not  just  for  distinguished  people who  reside  in a  world  full  of  material  attractions.  Anyone  who  wishes  to  improve the  quality  of  their  inner  as  well  as  their  outer  worlds  would  do well  to  take  out  a  piece  of  paper  and  start  writing  out  their  life aims.  At  the  very  moment  that  this  is  done,  natural  forces  will come  into  play  which  start  to  transform  these  dreams  into  reality.