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Learning 671

Why  do  so  many  people  worry  and  focus  on all  the negative  information  in  our  world?

Because  they  have  not  learned  the  art  of self-control  and disciplined  thinking.  Most  people have  no  idea that  they  have  the  power  to control  every  single  thought  they think  every second  of  every  minute  of  every  day.  They believe  that thoughts  just  happen  and  have never  realized  that  if  you  don’t  take the  time to  start  controlling  your  thoughts,  they  will control  you. 

When you  start  to  focus  on  good  thoughts only,  and  refuse  to  think the  bad  ones through  sheer  will-power, they  will shrivel  up  very  quickly.

When  you  control  your  thoughts,  you  control your  mind. When  you  control  your  mind,  you control  your  life.  And  once  you reach  the stage  of  being  in  total  control  of  your  life, you  become the  master  of  your  destiny.