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Learning 671

Why  do  so  many  people  worry  and  focus  on all  the negative  information  in  our  world?

Because  they  have  not  learned  the  art  of self-control  and disciplined  thinking.  Most  people have  no  idea that  they  have  the  power  to control  every  single  thought  they think  every second  of  every  minute  of  every  day.  They believe  that thoughts  just  happen  and  have never  realized  that  if  you  don’t  take the  time to  start  controlling  your  thoughts,  they  will control  you. 

When you  start  to  focus  on  good  thoughts only,  and  refuse  to  think the  bad  ones through  sheer  will-power, they  will shrivel  up  very  quickly.

When  you  control  your  thoughts,  you  control your  mind. When  you  control  your  mind,  you control  your  life.  And  once  you reach  the stage  of  being  in  total  control  of  your  life, you  become the  master  of  your  destiny.

Learning 649

“Your  I can  is  more  important  than  your  I.Q.”
When  you  form  the  habit  of  searching  for  the  positive  in  every circumstance,  your  life  will  move  into  its  highest  dimensions.  This is  one  of  the  greatest  of  all  the  natural  laws.

And  it  all  starts  with  using  your  mind  more  effectively.

All  success  in  life,  whether  material  or spiritual,  starts  with  that  twelve-pound  mass  sitting  between  your shoulders.  Or  more  specifically,  with  the  thoughts  that  you  put  into your  mind  every  second  of  every  minute  of  every  day.  Your  outer world  reflects  the  state  of  your  inner  world.  By  controlling  the thoughts  that  you  think  and  the  way  you  respond  to  the  events  of your  life,  you  begin  to  control  your  destiny.

Learning 602

Educate yourself into the areas that you fear most. Read the biographies of people who have walked the path before you. Step into their mindsets and see how they did what they did.

Learning 597

We are about to begin a new year soon.

Record atleast 10 great learnings from the year that have past on to a piece of paper. 

 Articulate them into the goals which are most important to you as well as your daily habits and life philosophies. 

It can play powerful causes that will yield wonderful results and effects.

Learning 594

There can be no happiness at the end of your life, if there is a giant gap between the person you meant to be and the person that you currently are. 

To close this gap do small things well each day. Your great days will lead you to your great life. 

Learning 588

Every 7 days do something that makes you uncomfortable. The very thing that you are afraid to do is the thing that you should do first. 

Remember on the other side of your fears, lives your growth. 

Learning 550

One of the most wonderful things about time is the fact that you cannot waste it in advance.

Your future is spotless. No matter how much time you have squandered in the past, the next hour that comes your way will be perfect, unspoiled and ready for you to make the best use of it. No one is stopping you from rewriting the story of your life. If you so choose, tomorrow can be the day that you start getting up earlier, reading more, exercising, eating well and worrying less. This very moment you can change your story and create a new ending. Remember, it is never too late to become the person you have always wanted to be.

Learning 549

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t dwell on your past mistakes reviewing how things could have been right. Learn from every mistake and see life for what it really is: a path of self discovery, personal growth and lifelong learning.

Learning 548

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

Begin to see yourself as the CEO of your destiny, the CEO of your life.

If we don’t act on life and take actions to make things happen, it will act on us and give us results we might not want.

Remember you can make excuses or you can make progress, but you cannot do both.

Learning 547

Acquire skills no one else has. Read books no one else is reading. Think thoughts no one else is thinking. In other words you cannot have all that you want if you remain the same person you are. To get more in life, you need to keep increasing your value to the world.

Learning 546

Giving the gift of your time by volunteering to serve those who have less than you is an excellent way to remind yourself on a regular basis of the abundance that exists in your life.

Learning 545

Get serious about setting goals

Something magical happens when you write down your goals on paper.

Firstly it restores a sense of focus in your world. Goals clarify our desires and help us to focus on only those activities that will lead us to what we want.

Secondly it keeps you alert to opportunities. The discipline almost magnitizes your mind to seek out new opportunities.

Thirdly clearly defined goals commit you to a course of action. They give you the inspiration to act on your priorities and make things happen in your life.

Learning 543

Commit yourself to managing your time more effectively. Develop a keen sense of awareness about how important your time really is. Don’t let people waste this most precious of commodities and invest it only in those activities that truly count.

Learning 540

The first step to eliminating a negative habit is to become aware of it. Becoming aware of a weakness i.e. paying attention to it, attracts more solutions into one’s life.

Learning 537

Focus on the worthy
The person who tries to do everything ultimately achieves nothing. Time is most precious commodity. The real secret to getting control of your life is to restore a sense of focus in your days. The real secret to getting things done is knowing what things need to be left undone.

Learning 536

The real secret to a life of abundance is to stop spending your days searching for security and to start spending your time pursuing opportunity. Get good at being uncomfortable and stop walking the path of least resistance.