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Learning 661

Benjamin  Disraeli  said:  ‘The  secret  of  success  is constancy  of  purpose.’  

The  happiness  you  are  searching  for  comes through  reflecting  on  the  worthy  aims  you are  dedicated  to achieving  and  then  taking action  daily  to  advance  them.  This  is  a direct application  of  the  timeless  philosophy  which prescribes  that those  things  which  are  most important  should  never  be  sacrificed to  those things  which  are  the  least  important.  

Learning 493

Strategy to Success

Whenever you are preparing for something, break it into smaller chunks, and then concentrate on your weakest points. That way you keep growing, after one chunk recheck and again concentrate on your weakest point. By doing so you grow all your aspects strong and no one can stop you from succeeding.