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L 752

One at a time. The 100%

What does that mean?

It’s the secret to success. We have a tendency to start various projects or tasks and work on them with completion at different stages. Sometimes leaving the project midway as close to 99% and keep hopping to another one that interests you.

Change your working style. Make it a habit to finish the project single mindedly upto 100%, you have taken and then only proceed with the other one. It will give you a feel of success and step by step you will proceed towards success.

Start applying this mantra and you will feel accomplished.


Learning 527

Remain still and constant in all the situations. The one who is constant and still and doing his duty constantly is only successful.
The tree is mostly unchanging while everything around it changes. In the spring, there are freshly formed buds. In summer, the tree is bedecked with rich green leaves. Then, in autumn, the leaves turn to red, orange, yellow and golden colours. As winter approaches, leaves fall off revealing the branches and limbs of the tree.
Although the outer dress changes, the tree remains fairly fixed. The constancy of the tree provides an instructive lesson. The same concept goes with any other object of nature whether it’s the Sun, the Moon, the rivers or anything else. Success rests on stilling the mind. We need stillness to meditate successfully. Meditation is a process of focusing on the Light and Sound within.
If we are like the tree, then thoughts can come and go around us like the changing seasons, yet we remain unaffected. No matter what season we experience in our life, we need to be like the tree, unchanging and constant, with our attention fixed on God during our meditations. We may experience daily fluctuations.
Our emotions are on a roller coaster as we go from joy to pain. When we cannot find a solution, the mind conjures up one reason after another to explain things. Let us not be sidetracked by the mind. If we can still our mind, no matter what is going on, we will find quick progress and success.