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L 774

“Ideas are highly perishable. Very few bear fruit. If we are not on guard, the squirrels (negatively thinking people) will destroy most of them.”

Don’t let ideas escape. Write them down. Memory is a weak slave. Always carry pen and paper with you. When you get an idea, write it down the instant it occurs to you.

Don’t let ideas escape, else you destroy the fruits of thinking. Fence them in.

Next, keep storage of your ideas, review them. Cultivate and fertilize your ideas. Investigate all angles. Then when the time is ripe, put it to work for yourself, your job, your future.

Then your developed ideas have to be sold. Somebody must buy the idea, else it has no value. Resolve to put your ideas in a saleable form. An idea written or in some sort of picture or diagram form has many times more selling power.